Holistic Treatment of Depression in Seattle

As a naturopathic specialist in mood health, Dr. Tamar Blau sees a wide range of people struggling with depression and anxiety. She provides you with personalized, comprehensive care, and works to identify root causes that may be contributing to what you’re experiencing.

Understanding Depression: It’s Not Just in Your Head

You may be tired all the time. The world feels like it’s wrapped in a thick fog, and activities you once loved seem distant and unappealing.

Whether it’s a persistent feeling of sadness or an overwhelming sense of fatigue, you may be wondering, “Is this depression or something else?”

It’s essential to understand that you’re not alone. People of all ages and stages in life can experience these feelings. What’s more, depression and anxiety often intermingle, leading to further confusion.

Whether it’s mild or severe, consistent or intermittent – it’s important to know that it’s a serious issue and there are options to help beyond therapy alone. Even if you want to avoid medications.

There’s no reason to continue suffering in silence, or questioning whether you should seek help. It’s not just in your head. It’s real, and there’s no reason to put off addressing it.

If you are in crisis, please seek immediate medical attention or call emergency services.

A Holistic Approach to Depression

At Roots Natural Medicine, Dr. Blau doesn’t merely label symptoms; she seeks to understand their root causes and contributors. 

Many have walked through our doors experiencing depression, only to find underlying conditions like hypothyroidism, anemia, hormonal imbalances, or other root causes playing significant roles in their mental health. In whole or in part, triggering their symptoms.

Others find that their depression is actually anxiety. Which can shift how we more successfully treat their condition.

And others simply have depression, and Dr. Blau helps them treat it with a personalized combination of functional medicine, herbs, prescription medications, and more, depending on their situation and preferences. 

(In addition to recommending they work with a therapist as well).

Dr. Blau is here to help dig into the root causes, and uses holistic, personalized treatment options that meet your goals and preferences.

And if you’re on medications and are doing well, but are experiencing side effects, we can help you find additional solutions.

Investigating Physical Causes to Your Depression

For many, Dr. Blau starts with labs to identify if there are any physical causes contributing to their depression.

Consider this: sometimes, the fatigue and sadness someone attributes to depression might actually stem from an undiagnosed thyroid issue. Or, perhaps a hormonal imbalance from conditions like PCOS, PMS, or perimenopause might be amplifying feelings of despondency.

We’ve found many cases where it’s nutrition related, such as being anemic.

However, it’s critical to emphasize that while these conditions can exacerbate or trigger depressive symptoms, many individuals do indeed suffer from clinical depression without one of these underlying contributors. This isn’t about negating the reality of depression but about widening our understanding and treatment approach.

Breadth of Treatment Options for All

Specializing in naturopathic mood health, Dr. Tamar Blau employs a wide range of treatments, both conventional and holistic, to ensure the best care for her patients:

Thorough Investigations: Before any treatment, we often conduct comprehensive labs to uncover any underlying issues. This helps ensure that any treatment plan we recommend is tailored to your unique needs and uncovers any hidden root causes contributing to your symptoms.

Combined Therapies: While a psychiatrist might prescribe medicine and a therapist offers counseling, Dr. Blau’s holistic approach includes potential prescriptions, herbs, nutritional adjustments, and more. And a recommendation for therapy with a qualified therapist. This approach provides more options, even if wanting to avoid medications.

Addressing Side Effects: Many who come to us are already on SSRIs but are grappling with side effects such as low libido, weight gain, emotional numbness, or fatigue. We provide alternatives that can address the root of depression or address side effects, without compromising overall well-being.

Welcoming All: Dr. Tamar Blau welcomes and specializes in LGBTQ+ care and is here to help, no matter your orientation. With her specialty in women’s health, she’s also a safe place for women who are experiencing depression related to women’s health issues and hormonal causes, and won’t disregard what you’re experiencing.

Your Journey, Your Healing

Remember, every individual’s experience with depression is unique. Whether it’s due to an underlying condition, clinical depression, or a combination of factors, the goal remains the same: to help you navigate through these challenges and find a more joyful, fulfilling life.

For those who are unsure, feeling better but hindered by medication side effects, or those just beginning their journey, know that there are multiple paths to healing. Together, we can discover the one that’s best for you.

Let’s Take The First Step Together

Dr. Tamar Blau is dedicated to providing personalized, effective care for each patient. With her deep understanding of how to combine various therapies, you can embark on a healing journey tailored just for you.


Important Notice: This is an informational webpage. If you or someone you know is in crisis, please seek immediate medical attention or call emergency services.

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